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Selva Malvezzi

Selva Malvezzi, 40062 - Molinella (BO)

Date of last update: 03/01/2018, 16:32

The 15th-century burg of Selva Malvezzi is a genuine feudal complex named after the the Malvezzis, a powerful and noble Bolognese family.

Although it was restyled in the 17th century, the burg still keeps its original appearance. A little world of the past set like a gem in the green countryside of the Bolognese Plain, featuring a central country house, built in 17th-century, with a large double-flighted staircase to allow separate access for people and animals, and a Governor's palace with a clock and a bell embedded in the fine-looking facade. The medieval fortress known as “Il Palazzaccio” is instead partially ruined.

In the warm July nights the central square and the old tavern become the suggestive stage for the Jazz festival “Selva in Jazz”.