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40060 – Dozza (BO)

Date of last update: 13/07/2018, 16:50

Dozza is a medieval village, nominated as one of the "Most beautiful villages in Italy" (Borghi Più Belli d’Italia) by  the club of the same name.

From a bird’s eye view - its historical centre has the classic shape of a spindle: to this day the village’s medieval urban layout is unchanged, exactly as it grew, pressed within the ancient walls; the highest point is dominate by the imposing Rocca.

The Rocca, or fortress, houses a museum that recounts its history and there is a Study Centre and Documentation Centre of the Muro Dipinto (Painted Wall event) that includes sketches, archives and bibliographic documents.

Dozza is known in the world precisely because here, art truly becomes urban landscape: the Biennale of contemporary art of the Muro Dipinto occurs here in the third week of September of odd-numbered years. It has now passed its 25th edition—meaning 50 years of history. The Biennale transforms the village into an open-air museum where hundreds of works by prestigious contemporary artists adorn the town’s walls.

What was once the dungeon of the Rocca is now the Regional Wine Cellar (Enoteca Regionale). More than 800 select wines from the Emilia Romagna Region are displayed for study or purchase.  

Photos by Wwikiwalter and Melyssa Costi, licensed by CC BY-SA

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