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Oratorio di San Marco (o Cappella Zucchini)

Via Roma, 40052 – Bologna (BO)

Date of last update: 13/07/2018, 16:34

The Oratory of San Marco, renewd in 1905 by the painter Giuseppe De Col, is considered one of the most relevant examples of funerary art in floral style of the "Aemilia Ars". The chapel is a masterpiece combining architecture, painting, sculpture and handicraft skills, according to the medieval tradition restored by the Aemilia Ars members.

The internal walls, finely decorated with white poppies symbolizing sleep and therefore death, are painted with frescoes celebrating Cavaliere Zucchini.

Also remarkable is the expertise shown in the sculptures of the memorial stone and the urn, in the manufacturing of the wrought iron gate, in the entrance portal and the kneeling-stool made of inlaid wood, in the votive lamps and in the polychrome stained-glass windows.

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