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History of the library

The collection inherited by Padre Martini is one of the most prestigious collections  for the repertoire of printed music from '500 to '700, for his incunabula, for the precious manuscripts, for opera librettos, as well as for its unique collection of autographs and letters, the result of a correspondence which he carefully held with eminent scholars and  musicians of the time. In 1816 the precious collections of books was donated to the Liceo Musicale in Bologna, which was established in 1804 at the former convent of the  Augustinian in chiesa di San Giacomo Maggiore.

The library grew significantly during the first half of the 800 and 900, thanks not only to the filing of the teaching materials produced by the High School (High School students were many famous people, including Rossini, Donizetti and Respighi they were directors Mancinelli, Martucci and Busoni), but also purchases of targeted rare and valuable volumes taken by Gaetano Gaspari, who was appointed librarian in 1855. These directed the Library for many years with a singular zeal and wisdom, succeeded, after years of constant effort and hard work, order and file in an exemplary way throughout the library material.

In 1942, when the music school was transformed into a state institution - the Royal Conservatory of Music - Bologna City Council chose to retain ownership of the bibliographic heritage of Father Martini and the adjoining art gallery, for the maintenance and enhancement was established in 1959 civic Museum Music Bibliography.

In 2004 the Civico Museo Bibliografico Musicale assumed the new name Museo internazionale e biblioteca della musica di Bologna.
Before the institute is divided into two parts: a vast selection of volumes, paintings, musical instruments are exhibited in the museum at Strada Maggiore 34 (palazzo Sanguinetti), while the majority of the bibliographic material, waiting to be transferred, is available for consultation at Piazza Rossini 2 (the former Convent of San Giacomo), in rooms annexed to the Conservatory of Music G.B. Martini. Today, the two parts were combined. The library of Piazza Rossini 2 was closed and library services were reactivated in the Museum of Strada Maggiore 34.

Area of interest

History of music: repertoire of printed music, incunabula, manuscripts,  librettos, autographs and letters.

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