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La strada del Jazz

Via Orefici, via Caprarie Bologna (BO)

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Date of last update: 28/11/2018, 13:06

In the Bologna city centre, hidden in the heart of the Quadrilatero, there is a street known as “La strada del Jazz” (Jazz Street), named after the gold stars dedicated to the greatest Jazz players of all time.

Via Capraie 3 used to be the location of the discoclub owned by Alberto Alberti, point of reference and manager of great artists such as Miles Davis and Chet Baker. The club has made Jazz memorable in Italy since the 1950s from Festival del Jazz di Bologna to Umbria Jazz. It is precisely here between via Capraie and via degli Orefici, where international jazz artists used to meet, that we find the marble stars dedicated to the main musicians who contributed to the growth of what was crowned UNESCO Creative City of Music in 2006. There is also a star dedicated to Lucio Dalla, beloved local artist who started off playing Jazz music.

Every September, these locations are filled with the street sound of “La strada del Jazz” Festival which animates corners, alleyways and squares in the heart of Bologna with live music.