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The Carducci House building dates back to the 16th century and witnesses an over two century-old history as a cult place. It is placed in the glacis of the ancient city walls between Porta Maggiore and Porta Santo Stefano. The conservative restoration carried out in the years 1987-1988 by the Historical-Monumental Building Service of the Municipality of Bologna, in fact, highlighted its former setup as a church, dwelling and Oratory of the Brotherhood of St. Mary of Pity, also called "of Piombo" (Lead) to honour an image of Pity carved on a lead plate found here on June 12th, 1502. The portico, with coupled columns, was built in 1611 and walled in 1871. The Church and the adjoining Oratory, altered more than once and enlarged over the years, were used up to 1798, when following the dissolution of the Brotherhood the buildings were sold by the Republican government to citizens which turned them into private dwellings. Giosuè Carducci, who had come to live in Bologna because he had been appointed by the Ministry for Education to the Chair of Italian Eloquence at the University of Bologna, lived here from 1890 to 1907 (the year of his death).In 1906 the Queen Margherita of Savoia bought from the owner not only the apartment where Carducci used to live (on the second floor of the building), but the whole detached house nicknamed  "of Piombo"  (Lead) , including a garden. In 1902  she also bought the  writer 's library and the archives to avoid any danger of waste and division of the library belonging to the big Poet and of the precious collections of his autographs and  letters.On February 22nd, 1907, the house-library was given to the Municipality of Bologna that engaged itself to maintain it forever while at the same time guaranteeing its public use. At present, the building hosts the Carducci House Library and Museum mentre and on the ground floor, since 1990 the exhibition area of the  Museum of Risorgimento. Adjoining the building, there is the G. Carducci Memorial Garden with the grand "Carducci Monument" in Carrara marble made by Leonardo Bistolfi in 1928.

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