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Valle del Limentra

This itinerary winds through a fascinating portion of the Apennines along the dividing line between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany: sacred and secular architecture, natural beauty, charming villages adorned with the handiwork of Comacine master stonemasons.

First stop is the Rocchetta Mattei fortress in Riola-Savignano, outside of Grizzana Morandi. Bathed by the waters of the Limentra River, the building’s unique architecture designed by its eclectic builder, Count Cesare Mattei, is one of the main tourist attractions of the Apennine Mountains.

From there the tour returns to Riola where you can admire another architectural masterpiece, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta designed by the world-renowned Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.

From Riola take the road towards Vimignano to reach an adorable medieval village, La Scola, a concentrate of charm and history.


To reach the fourth stop of the tour drive a few more kilometres and climb upwards to Montovolo, the ancient “sacred mountain” that is home to the Sanctuary of S. Maria della Consolazione and Chapel of S. Caterina d’Alessandria.

The tour ends in the Town of Camugnano, and it’s last two sites to visit are: the Cati Mill, with its Museum of Bread in the township of Ponte di Verzuno and Palazzo Comelli, a medieval building in Borgo di Ca’ Melati, Bargi. Both are sites of the Camugnano Ecomuseo (eco-museum).  

This tour can be followed on foot over marked CAI pathways, by bicycle or by car.

Rocchetta Mattei

The castle Rocchetta Mattei (literally "small fortress Mattei") is situated in the mountan chain of the Apennines between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. It is 45 km away from Bologna, on the SS.64 (road) that links Bologna to Porretta Terme, just after the town of Riola, in the municipality of Grizzana Morandi.
It was built by the Count Cesare Mattei (1809-1896) on the remains of an ancient medieval castle that belonged to Matilde di Canossa (a.k.a. Matilda of Tuscany).

address: SP 62, Riola Ponte Grizzana Morandi (BO) ph: + 39 051 6730335 - + 39 051 6730311 email: website: opening hours: The castle is open Saturday and Sunday with guided tours from 10am to 3pm in Winter and from 9,30am to 1pm / 3pm to 5,30pm in Summer. Reservation is always requested. Info and bookings: entrance:

Full € 10; reduction € 5.

Rocchetta Mattei is part of Card Musei Metropolitani di Bologna.

Free admission first Sunday of each month.

Church of Santa Maria Assunta

This is the only example in Italy of work by the celebrated Finnish architect Alvar Aalto

address: Piazza Alvar Aalto, 1 Grizzana Morandi (BO) ph: +39 051 916355 - mob. +39 333 5405218 opening hours: Every day 9:00am-5:00pm except during religious services   entrance:

free donation

La Scola

An evocative medieval village where the origibnal buildings are still intact.

address: Loc. Vimignano - 40030 Grizzana Morandi (BO)

Santa Maria della Consolazione Sanctuary

A Romanesque period church with a sober local sandstone facade, cup-shaped ashlars. Inside there is a polychrome statue of the Madonna di Montovolo (15th-16th century) and a crypt

address: loc. Montovolo, 40030 - Grizzana Morandi (BO) ph: +39 051 916355 - mob. +39 333 5405218. opening hours: From May to September: Friday - Sunday 10am - 6pm For groups on demand also in other periods  

Santa Caterina d’Alessandria Chapel

Entirely built in opus quadratum, it is a perfect example of the master stonemasons’ artisanship. 

address: loc. Montovolo, 40030 - Grizzana Morandi (BO) ph: +39 051 916355 opening hours: Open only on demand  

Cati Mill

Powered by the Limentra River, it includes several buildings that show what rural life was like centuries ago.

address: Ponte di Verzuno - Camugnano (BO) rif map iat: B-2 ph: + 39 053 441723 email: website: entrance:

On appointment

Palazzo Comelli

Located in the historic village of Ca' Melati, it is a fine example of medieval, higher-echelon mountain architecture, transformed into a Palazzo by the Comelli family of notaries

address: Località Ca' Melati, 40032 - Camugnano (BO) rif map iat: C-5 ph: +39 0534 41723 email: website: entrance:

Documentation centre
INFOPOINT c/o Mulino Cati

Palace visit on request
+39 0534 41723