Welcome is Bologna

Audio guides

Discover and enjoy Bologna, following the tours that lead through its porticoes and its narrow streets and unveil its canals and towers, witnesses of a past that remains present. Itineraries to be travelled with curiosity but always, strictly by foot.

Here you can walk around and explore the city, just by listening to the mp3 audio itineraries.

The maps of each route are available in PDF format.

Each tour is about 2-hour listening, divided into several steps for deeper information of the topic.

Available tours

1. The Piazza Maggiore Tour: Heart of Bologna

2. The Classic Tour: The emotion of the city landmarks

3. The Towers Tour: A full immersion in the medieval Bologna of Dantesque memory

4. The Water Tour: The discovery of underground Bologna channels and the Aposa, the only natural stream flowing within the walls

5. The Music Tour: A route that crosses history and all kinds of music from Rossini to the contemporary Songwriters

6. The Food&Wine and Shopping Tour. A walk through ancient markets and elegant roads

The audio guides are a project of the Provincia di Bologna