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Neptune’s Trident: the mark of a legend

Neptune's Fountain

It’s the symbol that has appeared on all racing cars in Maserati’s history, constant throughout the evolution of the brand and its style, technology and performance. It has accompanied all the victories and successes of Maserati cars.

A figure of iconic importance in Maserati’s history has dominated Piazza Maggiore in Bologna since the 16th century. The city’s fountain of Neptune inspired the Maserati Trident logo. It has come to symbolise both Bologna and the legendary automotive brand.

Maserati's brands

In 1920 Maserati needed a logo that would distinguish its new model. Mario was the only Maserati brother who wasn’t obsessed by engines, and he was a talented artist, so it fell to him to design the company logo. At the time Officine Maserati was located in the historical centre of Bologna. Mario’s inspiration was the statue of Neptune in Piazza Maggiore; its trident was perfect as it stood for strength and vigour. The red and blue that accompany the logo are the colours of Bologna’s heraldic banner.

The Trident symbol expresses the exclusive status of the Maserati brand and its cars’ elegance, luxury and potent sports-car performance.

Source: www.maserati.com