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Love conquers all

Le due torri ©cheffa86

In the 12th century, there was a very poor bricklayer who lived in Bologna who had two donkeys to pull a cart carrying sand and gravel from the Reno River to various building sites.

One day, while the man was digging the foundation of a house, the donkeys started to dig insistently, too. He tried to stop them, but then he noticed something that caught his eye: a trunk full of gold coins.
The man did not reveal his discovery to anyone and continued to live modestly, jealously guarding his precious treasure.

Sometime later, the son of the bricklayer, walking around the city, lifted his eyes and saw a beautiful young girl at the window of a noble palace. It was love at first sight! The girl, who belonged to one of the richest and noblest families of Bologna, felt the same, so the young man went straight to the girl’s father to ask her hand in marriage.

The father burst out laughing and answered, "You can marry her only if you build the highest tower in all of Bologna!"

The dejected young man returned home with a heavy heart, much to his surprise his father gave him the treasure that he had guarded until that moment. The next day the boy contacted a master builder and commissioned a very tall tower right in the centre of Bologna. Nine years later the tower was finished and the two lovers were finally able to marry. As you can imagine, their union was celebrated with great joy.

The tower was called Asinelli (donkeys) Tower in honour of the two faithful animals that found the treasure. To this day it stands as a symbol of all-conquering love.