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Bologna, a story of forbidden love

Corte Galluzzi

Bologna speaks of love. It is a distant love, in a medieval city animated by the contrasts between Galluzzi and the Carbonesi, the two most powerful families in the city. 

The mutual hatred of the two families was not enough to prevent Virginia and Alberto from meeting; in truth, their families' contrasts brought them closer together.

Virginia's family lived in the charming Corte Galluzzi, while the Carbonesi family lived in a street nearby that still bears their name.

After one particular meeting, they fell madly in love and they married in secret in 1258.

Soon the young couple was discovered by the father of the bride who, along with his supporters, killed Alberto and his family. Desperate and tormented, Virginia hung herself from the Carbonesi’s window to show that she was and would be forever devoted to Alberto.