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Date of last update: 05/12/2018, 12:03

Here is possible to find some useful information for tourists with disabilities who have just arrived in Bologna: how to move by bus and by train, where to eat, where to sleep, how to use public transportation.


-Airport “G.Marconi” Information centre 051/6479615
For information go to the Airport “G.Marconi” website.

-Railway station FF.SS.
Assistance service for disabled people at the railway station of Bologna (west square): they provide booked seats and assistance to help the passengers to get on and get off the train.
For further information or to make a reservation go to the RFI website


Not all buses are accessible to disabled passengers, but many of them are provided with ramps and reserved seats. The BLQ bus that connects the station to the airport is fully accessible to disabled travellers.
Information centre ATC 051/290290
Taxis are accessible to mobility impaired people. This service is aimed especially at people on a wheelchair or at people who need other supports.
Contact COTABO 051/372727 or CAT 051/4590.
This service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and it’s not overcharged.


Buses equipped for disabled people
To rent buses equipped for disabled people contact:
Cosepuri 051/519090
SacaBus 051/6349488

Restricted traffic zones and parking
The centre of Bologna is a restricted traffic area from 7am to 8 pm every day. The access is controlled by a camera. Vehicles carrying mobility impaired people must give notice in of the entry in advance or within the following 48 hours. For vehicles with specially provided tags, parking is free of charge in the restricted (yellow stripes) and non restricted (blue stripes) spaces.
In case of removal of the car contact: 051/266626 (Removal department of Local Police)


For further information on accessibility go to Bologna welcome website
For further information on the accessibility of the hotels please visit initalia.it (select the region,the city and enter in the "filter" the option "rooms for the disabled")



At the moment the list doesn’t include information on accessibility.
If you are willing to move to the countryside we recommend you to visit two restaurants run by cooperatives where they organise activities with mobility impaired people:
-Locanda Smeraldi (cooperative Anima) is located in San Marino di Bentivoglio (15km far from Bologna, between Bologna e Ferrara) in the middle of the beautiful park of Villa Smeraldi where the Museum of Rural Civilization is set.
-Holiday farm “Il Monte” (cooperative Copaps) is located in via Castello 59, Sasso Marconi (18 km far from Bologna, reachable from the main road Porrettana)


The Comune of Bologna in association with ASCOM is committed in order to provide every bar and restaurants of the city centre with accessible toilets.
Public toilets.



For further info contact:
Bologna Welcome - Info Point Piazza Maggiore
Piazza Maggiore, 1/e - 40124 Bologna
Tel. +39 051 6583111

Bologna for everybody
In June 2008 the provincial administration has published a guide book with useful information for disabled people . There you will find many information, and the indications of three accessible ways through the centre of the city. In 2010 the same administration has created a video guide (texts, images and GPS system).
The guide books are also available at the tourist offices IAT .

Making the city accessible: activities for disabled people
During the last few years many projects have born in order to raise awareness at the problem of accessibility in Bologna, and to think about disabled people as normal citizens, consumers, tourists, sportsmen and students.

Useful links are indicated below:
- Bologna for all
- Ingresso libero

 Accessibol, an app to find accessible places in Bologna, made by Uildm (if you don't own an Android device you can download the pdf with the accessible places from the UILDM website).

Guided tours with interpreters of sign language LIS

Other useful information on Bologna can be found in the following sections of the social desk:
-Accessibility desk
-Transportation desk


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Disabled people


The evaluation criteria of accessibility are often indicated on self-certification basis, therefore they can change.
We advise that you personally contact hotels, restaurants, and the other tourist facilities in order to check the given information.