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Palazzo Boncompagni

Via del Monte, 8 - 40126 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 226889

Capacity fo sala plenaria 150
100 / 150

For those who prefer to set up events in a prestigious and historic mansion, the ideal place is Palazzo Boncompagni. It is located in the hearth of the town, around the corner from Grand Hotel Majestic (former Baglioni) and the Cathedral of St. Peter.

Inside there is the unique and extraordinary room of the Papal Hearings, the space in which Pope Gregory XIII (Ugo Boncompagni, the only pope born in Bologna) was giving his blessings. It is a large room with frescoed paintings of Pellegrino Tibaldi and with a huge fireplace made of the rare stone, Pietra Serena.

The room can be reserved for special and exclusive events such as meetings, conferences, dinners, private parties. It is also included the availability of using the open gallery that contains precious engraved columns, leading to the entrance of the spiral staircase attributed to Vignola.

Pope Gregory XIII was an extraordinary renovator. He was responsible for the transformation of the school built by St. Ignatius of Loyola where is situated the Gregorian University. Thanks to him and the mathematicians enrolled at the University the stable calendar with leap years, was redefined in order to adapt to the solar year.

Dimensions Hall Palazzo Boncompagni: 110 m.
Capacity: 100 persons.



Role: Eventi

Telephone: +39 051 226889

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