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Auditorium Manzoni

Via De' Monari 1/2 - 40121 Bologna (BO)

Phone 051 2960864

Fax 051 2759997

Capacity fo sala plenaria 1234
80 / 1234

Auditorium Manzoni was built in 1933 as a movie theatre. A Liberty building, set in the heart of the historical centre of Bologna, very close to Piazza Maggiore, and built in a pure and elegant art nouveau style. Following the 2003 renovation, the Theatre became a prestigious Auditorium, with a total capacity of 1234 seats. The Theatre is open 12 months a year, thanks to the air-conditioning for both summer and winter. It became the first and main point of reference for the performing arts in Bologna, thanks to its important season that brings international artists and events in the city. The Auditorium is more than a priviledged venue for performances and arts: it’s also an important meeting point for the city social life. Thanks to the versatile structure, Auditorium Manzoni is open to firms and associations as a congress venue. A meeting point for the world of arts and culture, for politics and journalism, for finance and business, for special events and public relations.



  • Space in sq m
  • Perimeter in m
  • Height in m
  • Built-in stage Yes
  • Natural daylight No
Capacity for set-up



  • Space in sq m 83
  • Perimeter in m 11,50x7,25
  • Height in m
  • Built-in stage No
  • Natural daylight Yes
Capacity for set-up



  • Space in sq m 350
  • Perimeter in m
  • Height in m
  • Built-in stage No
  • Natural daylight No
Capacity for set-up


First Name: Fabio Sabatini

Role: Responsabile Commerciale

Telephone: 051 2960864

Email: f.sabatini@auditoriumanzoni.it