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Dancing Bologna

Despite its more traditional side, made of culture and history, Bologna is also an entertainment capital, capable of offering fantastic opportunities for visitors to relax and have fun in its many bars, restaurants and night clubs, where live music and dance are the undisputed protagonists. Here’s a recommended itinerary in the wake of such dancing trend among the most vibrant spots of the Bolognese nightlife. Feel part of the local club culture together with other music and dance enthusiasts!
Just a few steps from the city’s beating heart, the Two Towers, you can start your journey at Kinki’s, one of Bologna’s oldest night clubs since 1958. Its underground space, celebrated by the international nightlife community, has been regarded since its inauguration as a dynamic celebrity showcase for whimsical looks and as a proper stage for visual experimentations, written about by design magazines and art critics. Should your look not have been in line with the dominant fashion of the time, you could forget about being let in! 
Other must-see stops on your nightlife itinerary are the Qubò, beloved by all university students for its extensive musical selection, and the Millennium, where every day of the week is devoted to a different genre, from Latin-American, rock and the famous university “college parties” to  the  very appreciated 90’s nights. 
If you wish to stay in the city centre, other unmissable spots are the Cassero, where the city’s LGBTQ+ life is concentrated, and the nearby Ex Forno MAMbo
Use this latter as departing point towards other clubs like Link, Matis, Locomotiv, with a well-stocked concert programme, and the Roveri District, with a 360-degree musical entertainment.


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