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From: 19/06/2015 - To: 21/06/2015

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Bologna (BO)

The ReUniOn event is the first worldwide meeting of UNIBO alumni. This appointment, created for all graduates of the Alma Mater Studiorum, will be held in Bologna from 19 to 21 June 2015.


The three-day event, the first of its kind in Italy, will welcome all the alumni of the world's oldest university. It is an opportunity for ex-students to relive the thrills of their time at university, meet their old coursemates and flatmates, re-discover the important places of their university life and share memories with their families. For the Alma Mater, it is an opportunity to meet with its ex-students, thanking them for becoming ambassadors of the University of Bologna in Italy and around the world.


Three days of meetings, debates, exhibitions and installations, lectio magistralis, workshops and performances in various strategic points around the city: the streets, squares, museums, as well as the gardens and university classrooms will become the stage of this event, which aims to involve generations of ex-students and the local people, confirming Bologna's eternal vocation and a city for students.


The event will bring thousands of ex-students to the city, people who live and work in Italy and around the world.


ReUniOn will bring famous graduates to the city: men and women of science, culture, the world of entertainment, business, honorary graduates of the Alma Mater; at the same time, the event will offer a showcase for the many lesser known alumni, those who do extraordinary things for their own company, the city and the country they live in on a daily basis.


To keep updated on the event, there is not only a website, but also a Facebook page, Reunion Università di Bologna and a hashtag on Twitter #reunion2015.

  • From: 19/06/2015
  • To: 21/06/2015