Palazzo Fava Ghisilieri (Palazzo Fava. Palazzo delle Esposizioni)

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Palazzo Fava, located in Via Manzoni, in the heart of the ancient city, took form in the Middle Ages. Thanks to the will of the Fava family who came into possession in 1546. The architectural building’s paternity is uncertain, but leads back to Francis Morandi, called Terribilia. In 1584 Philip Fava, a person from one of the most important families of Bologna, commissioned the three Carracci’s, Ludovico, Agostino and Annibale Carracci, to paint several rooms on the main floor. The have similar personalities characterized by individual propensities, and were found to produce the first major fresco cycle of their careers. They were able to reach high results of naturalism and anti-academic artistic maturity. They were chosen from different mythological subjects, including the myth of Europe, the story of Jason and certain themes drawn from Eneide. Subsequently, however, in line with the new architectural era, its said that Count Carlo Fava covered many of the frescoes in the palace.
The cycle of paintings, The Argonautica and the stories of Medea in Jason's room, which were completed in 1584, were one of the first large-scale works of the Carracci’s that made Palazzo Fava real stylish. In the so-called Hall of Aeneas, paintings are dated 1593, and illustrate the story of Aeneas, which was taken from the second and third book of the Aeneid. Their students, in particular, Francesco Albani and Bartolomeo Cesi, decorated the following rooms.
Museum of the City Ltd, instrumental arm of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna, becme one of the most important city buildings in 2005, launching the renovation work at the end of 2007.
To ensure a relevant and cutting-edge restoration, the Foundation has sought cooperation of the semi-prescious stone factory in Florence as well as the Historic, Artistic and Ethno-anthropological Super-intendency of Bologna.
With an area of over 2600 square meters, the palace (at present known as Palazzo Fava. Palazzo delle Esposizioni) has regular exhibitions. These include exhibitions of works from the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna and exhibitions of works from other important public and private collections.


Palazzo Fava. Palazzo delle Esposizioni is part of the cultural, artistic and museum itinerary Genus Bononiae. Musei nella Città.



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Palazzo Fava Ghisilieri (Palazzo Fava. Palazzo delle Esposizioni)

Via Manzoni, 2 - 40121 Bologna (BO) map Phone +39 051 19936305
Map coordinates [?]: C-3



How to get here:

by bus: lines and timetables on the website

by car: located in restricted traffic zone ZTL. Ring road exits n. 11/11bis-12 direction city center.

Entrance notes:

On the occasion of the exhibition "Girl with a pearl earring. The myth of the Golden Age. From Vermeer to Rembrandt. Masterpieces from the Mauritshuis"
With booking
Full rate € 13,00
Reduced Rate € 10,00 university students (under 26s) with proof of enrolment and over 65s
Reduced Rate € 7,00 under 18s (6-17s)
With booking + guided visit
Full rate € 21,00
Reduced Rate € 18,00 university students (under 26s) with proof of enrolment and over 65s
Reduced Rate € 15,00 under 18s (6-17s)
Unbooked (only available at the exhibition)
Full rate € 12,00
Reduced Rate € 9,00 university students (under 26s) with proof of enrolment and over 65s
Reduced Rate € 6,00 under 18s (6-17s)

Opening time:

Tuesday - Sunday: 10.00 am - 7.00 pm. Closed on Monday, 25th December, 1st January.

From February 8, 2014: Monday to Thursday 9am - 8pm; Friday and Sunday 9am - 9pm; Saturday  9am-10pm.


From March 28, 2014: Monday to Thursday 9am - 8pm; Friday and Sunday 9am - 10pm; Saturday 9am 11pm.
Monday, April 21: 9am - 10pm; Thursday, April 24: 9am - 9pm; Thursday, May 1: 9am - 10pm.
Monday, March 24: 9am - 10pm on the occasion of the Children's Book Fair with reduction ticket starting from 7pm (until 9pm when the ticket office closes)