Welcome is Bologna

Unipol Arena

Via Gino Cervi, 2 – 40033 Casalecchio di Reno (BO)

Phone 051 75 87 58 (info pubblico)

Date of last update: 03/07/2017, 12:51

This modern sport centre is the ground of Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna basket matches. Located in front of an important trade area, it can be easily reached both by car and by train. Unipol Arena can hosts up to 15 500 people and it is an ideal location for concert, theatre performances, sports events, conventions, congresses, contests, exhibitions, etc.

Unipol Arena is structured with modular spaces that can accommodate up to 15 500 people.
Unipol Arena is equipped with: Truss Structure of 1,300 square meters consisting of 6 ring for a total capacity of 76 tons with 32 load cells – screen entrances with programmable floor – 8 screens of 6.70 x 5 meters – 13 Led Monitors 48″ positioned at the entrances – 5 boards luminous LED 5 x 1 meters – fixed cameras to broadcast on giant screens in the arena pictures from backstage and the press room – VIP lounge for guests with conversation corners and catering services – Stars Tunnel, path reserved tunnel the celebrities, which connects the dressing directly to the arena – 9 bars for the public – dressing rooms and fitness rooms for artists, athletes, etc. – press room with telephone lines and internet wi-fi.