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Tagliatella Bolognese

Bologna (BO)

Date of last update: 24/05/2016, 12:32

"The Bolognese Tagliatella"

should be 8 mm wide, after cooking,
and when served on the table.

Solemnly declared by the Bologna Delegation of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina and deposited with notarial deed on the 16th of April 1972 at the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna, in Palazzo della Mercanzia.

This size is 1/12,270 of the height of the Asinelli Tower in Bologna!

This size of the Tagliatella has been reproduced in a golden sample, held in a casket, with the following writing: "8 mm, size of the Tagliatella - Accademia Italiana - 1972". The sample is jealously held in the Palazzo della Mercanzia in Bologna, as a testimony and as protection of the glorious traditions of the Bologna cuisine.

Ingredients (serves 4)

400 g  00 flour
4 medium eggs
a pinch of salt


Make a well with the sieving flour on the pastry board and, in the middle, the eggs and a pinch of salt. With a fork beat the eggs, incorporating little by little the flour without breaking the sides of the well; when the mixture has set, knead it with your hands until you obtain a dough soft and not sticky.
Continue to knead the dough for 20 minutes, pressing with the base of the palm of your hand, folding the dough over itself and turning it a half turn; repeat this procedure several times. Roll up the ball in the clingfilm and let rest it for 30 minutes. Then roll out the dough with a rolling pin until you get a thin pastry. Then roll the pastry not too tight on itself and flatten a little the roll; cut the roll into 8 mm wide strips and roll out the strips on a clean cloth or on the pastry board to dry them for a few hours before cooking.