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Noir - Marco Fadiga

Piazza dei Tribunali, 5/3 - 40124 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 342 6715799

Date of last update: 11/08/2015, 16:52

The restaurant of celebrity chef MARCO FADIGA  is located in one of the most beautiful squares of the city. 

The chef has created NOIR with a very small and exclusive gem with only 18 seats which is already considered to be the reference room in the city not only as regards the fish is always fresh and beautifully prepared but also a modern kitchen, beautiful and tasty. 

From NOIR, a meeting of the international jet set as well as Bologna, you will find lobster,oysters, sea urchins and sea bass exposed tuna and freshly prepared to ensure an incomparable freshness. 

Other dishes like the famous Dom Perignon risotto, tortellini with Parmesan fondue and the Lobster Mac definitely offer a complete unmatched in the city. 

The local elegant but managed with great attention to prices and 'decorated in shades of black and gold and becomes a few nights a week after a music 22.30 dinner restaurant. 

The venue is "dépositaire Dom Perignon" and has a gazebo where you can dine or just enjoy a cocktail during the summer 


Tortellini with Parmesan fondue

Lobster Mac

Selection of raw fish with toppings of fruits and fragrant herbs

Selection of oysters

Caesar salad with crab

Lobster salad, green beans, almonds and peaches

Spaghetti with roasted lobster

Pata negra ham with dried apricots and tomate basil

Cheviche of sea bass with passion fruit 

Selection of fish and shellfish Featured chosen directly by the client and freshly prepared by the chef

Bolognese (traditional), Creative
Seating capacity
Price range
From €40 to €50
Opening time

Monday to Saturday: 12am-2pm and 6,30pm-11pm

Closing period

Closed on August 16th

Closing days
  • Sunday
Payment options


Credit cards Mastercard, American Express, Visa

  • Air conditioned