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Maichan Dim Sum Bologna

Mercato delle Erbe, Via Ugo Bassi, 25 - 40121 Bologna (BO)

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The dim sum (ˈ dɪm ˈ sʌm) is a type of cuisine of southern China, which includes a wide range of light dishes to be served together with the Chinese tea. The dishes consist of small portions: steamed dumplings, meatballs, rolls and other specialties served in a basket or in a saucer, can include meat, fish, vegetables, plus dessert and fruit. 


Some Chinese families like to buy dim sum on special occasions like mother's day or the "Chinese new year" because they consider them a traditional meal tied to the culture of the table between affections and family. From one tradition to another Maichan creates a cultural bridge between East and West, passing by the Gastronome.


Plates and dishes of Maichan, in fact, are entirely prepared by the Bolognese pasta makers workshops: flour and water pull the typical rolling pin but using the original family Chan recipes. 


Cuisine fusion between Chinese families in the Italian ones going from small tidbits that enclose the affection of two cultures.


Gyoza, Nem, Mantou, Bao Bun, Vegetal Dumpling, meat Shiu Mai, Shrimps Shiu Mai, Fish Dumpling, Maxi Spring Rolls

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