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XXV Biennale Muro Dipinto di Dozza

From: 14/09/2015 - To: 20/09/2015

Dozza (Bologna)

Phone +39 0542 678240 (Fondazione Dozza)

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 1965-2015 a fifty-year history

Dozza (Bologna), 14 - 20 September 2015


Six artists are going to paint the walls of Dozza, the town approx. 30 kilometers far from Bologna that welcomes the Painted Wall Festival every two years.
From 14 to 20 September, Dozza and its Rocca will be enlivened by many events such as exhibitions, concerts, meetings and of course the wall live paintings by the artists Maria Agata Amato, Paolo Barbieri, Maria Distefano, Bicio Fabbri, Omar Galliani, Umberto Zanetti.
The Rocca will be housing "Fondamenta" (unitil October 25th)  an exhibition dedicated to the historic wall painters (Amadori, Dal Re, Della Volpe, Gagliardi, Margotti, Rossi).

Today there are more than a hundred frescos that decorate the streets of Dozza, thus making this town one of the most beautiful in Italy. A suggestive outdoor art gallery, in which you can enjoy a wonderful artistic heritage made by world-wide famous artists, and among them some eminent painters like Sebastian Matta, Bruno Saetti, Tono Zancanaro, Renzo Grazzini, Giuseppe Zigaina, Luca Alinari, Bruno Ceccobelli and Ubaldo Della Volpe.


Further information, full programme and artists on www.fondazionedozza.it and www.facebook.com/murodipintodozza

  • From: 14/09/2015
  • To: 20/09/2015