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tOur-tlen - Il Festival del Tortellino 2016

5th edition

Date: 4/10/2016

Palazzo Re Enzo, Piazza del Nettuno - Bologna

Date of last update: 27/09/2016, 17:58

On October 4th, from 12pm to 10pm, RistoAsssociazione tOur-tlen is at Palazzo Re Enzo with the 5th edition of "Festival del Tortellino".

24 chefs will be proposing 24 different ways to prepare the king of Emilian cooking , “il tortellino”, and “pasta ripiena” (stuffed pasta), from the traditional tortellini with broth to the most creative recipes with vegetables, fish, and gluten free.

Further information and updates on www.tour-tlen.it - www.facebook.com/tourtlen.org    

  • Date: 4/10/2016

Entrance is free.
Coupon at € 4,00 for 1 tasting; coupon at € 15,00 for 4 tastings. A glass of wine € 2,50 cake € 3,50