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Total Design Box

From: 13/06/2016 - To: 25/07/2016

Ex Ospedale dei Bastardini - Via D'Azeglio, 41 - Bologna

Date of last update: 08/07/2016, 14:06

TOTAL DESIGN BOX: directly from the experience of the Fruit Exhibition festival, a whole series of summer events at the former Bastardini Hospital promotes design through music, videoinstallations, performances, live act and gaming

Among the events still on we highlight OUROBOROS VIDEO ART focused on contemporary Italian video art. From Thursday 21st  through Saturday 23rd July it shows the results of research in the field of video art.
Some of the performing artists are: Alessandro Bavari, Sara Bonaventura, Nicola Fornoni, Simona
Giuggio, and Francesca Anita Modotti.
Don't miss the dj set of Laura Palmer, the new project of Tying Tiffany (on Thursday 21st July) and, the day after, the vj set of Apotropia.
The events will end on Sunday 24th July with a surprise party.

What else? The series of kids' labs VIBRAZIONI D'OMBRA (vibrations of shadow) organized by Macinapepe, Compagnia di Ombre and Didattica Alternativa on 5th ,12th ,19th and 26th July at the International Music Museum and Library of  Bologna. Don't forget the GAMING DAYS from 12th  to 17th July with a special focus on the world of independet videogames.  A special opportunity will be given by the the opening to the public of the Gaming Room, a space designed in cooperation with the  Fitstic Foundation and the Bolognese company Touchlabs, which are both interested in the relationship between people and new technologies. The Gaming Room will be a meeting place where you will have the chance of testing some of the most interesting indie videogames now available on the market, which have the feature of mixing different arts and bringing them on the level of communication and gameplay. Furthermore this room has a space dedicated to the brand new virtual reality of the HTC VIVE view-finders.

The Total Design Box, which is part of Bè Bolognaestate 2016, the summer festival promoted and organized by Comune di Bologna, is open to the public every evening from 18 to 24 until 25th July.


more information and updates on www.crudotdb.com and www.bolognaestate.it

  • From: 13/06/2016
  • To: 25/07/2016