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The long New Year's Eve in Bologna 

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Date: 31/12/2016

Piazza Maggiore- Bologna

Date of last update: 29/12/2016, 10:15

As a tradition, in Bologna the arrival of the New Year is celebrated in Piazza Maggiore with a big party animated by the music of a DJ who performs from the balcony of Palazzo del Podestà.
Then, at the stroke of midnight, the huge puppet (called Vecchione, i.e. The Old one)  is burned in Piazza Maggiore.
The artist Andrea Bruno is the designer of Vecchione 2016.

This year, the 31st is only part of wider program starting after Christmas and ending Sunday January 8th, including shows, acrobatic performances, concerts and films.
New Year's Eve in Piazza Maggiore will be enliven by the young artists Nas1 and dj Rou from Bologna.
Nas1 is a duo formed by Francesco Terra and Federico Natali, both born in 1989, who have long proposed around the world a mix of house, funk and soul music, throughout techno vibrations and fusion only on vinyl support.
DJ Rou is a creative artist and a big fan of vintage and analog sound; he has designed and co-manages L'Archivio, a record store became a hangout for vinyl lovers in the city.

more information and updates on agenda.comune.bologna.it

The long New Year's Eve in Bologna