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From: 19/02/2016 - To: 20/02/2016

Teatro Dehon

Via Libia, 59 - 40138 Bologna (BO)

Phone 051 342934

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Marco Cavallaro - Claudia Ferri
19 and 20 February 2016

musical by Marco Cavallaro
with Marco Cavallaro e Claudia Ferri
with the partecipation of Marco Maria Della Vecchia
original music Piero di Blasio
set design Federico Marchese
costumes M.M.D.V.
executive production Lisa Bizzotto


An amusing love story seasoned with sweet and romantic songs.  A modern fairy tale on the temporary work, the new technologies and the need to love each other in order to face life.

further information and updates www.teatrodehon.it

  • From: 19/02/2016
  • To: 20/02/2016

Teatro Dehon boxoffice - Via Libia, 59 - 051 342934 - teatrodehon@tin.it
> Tuesday to Saturday 3pm - 7pm and one hour before the starting of the performance.