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Terra Equa 2016

From: 7/05/2016 - To: 8/05/2016

Palazzo Re Enzo

Piazza del Nettuno, 1/c - 40125 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 271020

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Date of last update: 19/05/2016, 10:45

Terra Equa, the Emilia Romagna Fair Trade Festival, at its fifth edition, will take place in Bologna at Palazzo Re Enzo Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May.
40 Exhibitors, 15 Workshops, 5 Shows,  4 Seminars, 1 Cooking Show and a lot of food.

This year Terra Equa is “An Alternative economy Taste”: an Alternative Economy and food are the key words of this edition.
An Other Economy because there are 13 organizations promoting Terra Equa  that are doing Fair Trade every day for an higher social justice and a more sustainable way of life.
Food because this fifth edition will talk about 3 fundamentals ingredients that we find in all the food we eat: the nature, the work of those who produce it, the power of those who control the market.
Taste because in these two days you can enjoy, taste and cook; this festival will be enriched with a Cooking show by the chef Daniele Sangiorgi that is even going to give a Master Class for the future chefs that won  the Food Fair Parade competition.

At Terra Equa 2016 four outstanding partners that are the main promoters of a high quality feeding together with a social and environmental sustainability: Libera, Slow Food, Altrocioccolato and AIAB (the Italian Association for the Organic Agriculture), they will organize workshops, seminars e taste shows.

Talking about entertainment, you will see 5 shows from a concert that winks to the '50s music sounds to a folk Italian-Irish concert. On Saturday afternoon  Pop Economix with Alberto Pagliarino will be on stage, after more than 300 runs this show is coming back to Bologna telling about the economy crisis causes, subjects and paradoxes.

Terra Equa is more:

  • Healthy feeding, where besides taste shows and workshops we will talk about “Food and Power”;
  • Free...the taste, Fairy tales to be eaten by Libera Bologna;
  • Eating, three areas fully dedicated to healthy food and drinks made of Organic and Fair Trade products. 



Further information and updates on  terraequa.blogspot.it

  • From: 7/05/2016
  • To: 8/05/2016