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Teatro dei Prodigi / Il Terzo Paesaggio

From: 29/01/2016 - To: 28/02/2016

Musei di Palazzo Poggi

Via Zamboni 33 - 40126 Bologna (BO)

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29 January - 28 February 2016
Museo di Palazzo Poggi


The Museum of Palazzo Poggi hosts the group exhibition Teatro dei Prodigi by Marina Gasparini, Serena Piccinini and Silvia Urbini, a project that aims to animate objects of the museum making them the protagonists of new stories with works, texts and videos.

In the Hall of the museum of Ulisse Aldrovandi the plants, engraved on the xylographic matrices of the collection of the great naturalist scientist, awaken and are transfigured in embroidered flowers by Marina Gasparini for installation Atlas x made of 46 elements in cotton yarn.

The work by Serena Piccinini is divided in two parts: a large environmental and modular installation in the Hall of Davide that joins the collection of corals collected by Luigi Ferdinando Marsili: Madrepora (Con)Dominio and Il giardino della vita immobile, a collection of very small insects, plants, and unique flowers made with precious colored papers that give life to an impossible garden in the Hall of Mosè of Museum diluvianum of Istituto delle Scienze.

In the Hall of Susanna, Sivia Urbini presents the work Teatro delle Cere, an imaginative trip of the eternal feminine from the anatomical rooms to the artists' studios.

Besides, the Museum of Palazzo Poggi hosts in the same period the exhibition by Giulia Dall’Olio. Il Terzo Paesaggio

Giulia Dall'Olio presents her personal reflection on the new nature, a large group of paintings and graphics inspired by the theories of the French botanist and landscape architect Gilles Clément. A nature "post-industrial" at the margins of the urban suburbs that, after centuries of exclusion, regains possession of its spaces and it is protagonist in human life.

And it is on this idea of renewed contact between man and nature that Giulia Dall'Olio organized her painting, proposing a study based on the work of Ulisse Aldrovandi and the tables of his precious Herbarium, kept just inside the Library of the University of Bologna.


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  • From: 29/01/2016
  • To: 28/02/2016

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