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Tartófla Savigno

International White Truffle Festival

From: 5/11/2016 - To: 20/11/2016

Savigno - Valsamoggia (Bo)

Date of last update: 11/11/2016, 17:53

The 33rd edition of the International white truffle festival will be held in Savigno the  first three weekends in November 5-6 / 12-13 /19-20  2016, expanding on the successful program of 2015 edition with a wide offering of gastronomic and cultural activities.

A very positive trend in visitors has gone hand in hand with the expansion of events included in the truffle festival. The number of visitors has doubled in the last five years – from 21,000 in 2010 to 4,.500 in 2015.  The last two editions of the truffle festival have brought national recognition and today the event ranks among the top national truffle events and is part of the National truffle Cities Association (www.cittadeltartufo.com).

Tartófla Savigno 2016New Attractions and New Chefs 2016
The 2016 edition of the truffle festival brings many new attractions – first and foremost, the brand has been renewed – the new  name, TARTOFLA – incorporating the traditional western Bolognese dialect for truffle  - History that looks toward the future!

This year, in addition to the continuing participation of the restaurants of Valsamoggia, a broad network of chefs representing  the region will join the festival through a collaboration with  TourTlien and the chefs and restaurants from the Consortium Modena a Tavola.

Activities with the Chefs
1 –  Festival Savigno Tartolfla 2016 will be part of  the event “Alla corte del Re Tortellin0” organized by Toourtlen, on October 4, in Parazzo Re Enzo Bologna
In collaboration with Appennino food, Alberto Bettini of Trattoria DaAmerigo 1934 offeres a first tasting of “tortellini with parmesan cream and white truffle from Savigno”
2- Starting from October, many restaurants between Bologna and Modena will offer menus with white truffle from Savigno dedicated to the festival and including the bookmark with the festival logo and indicating the participation with the associations Tour.tlen and “Consorzio Modena a Tavola” and “Consorzio Vivivalsamoggia”

Truffle Corner – under the Antico Voltone
During the three weekends of the festival, in the center of medieval Savigno (in front of the Trattoria Amerigo 1934), under the ancient archway and in the nearby courtyard, the three associations of chefs will offer a white truffle lunch menu:
Vivivalsamoggia November 5-6
TouTlen November 12-13
Modena a Tavola November 19-20

The Restaurants in the town Square 2016
Alongside of the chefs of Savigno at the ProLoco Restaurant in Piazza XV Agosto,
In the past years, Michelin starred chefs Igles Corelli and Marcello Leoni of Chef to Chef in EmiliaRomagna  consolidated the concept of top quality food, focusing the attention of the media and significantly increased the number of visitors with an offer of menes with and even without truffles specifically designed around local ingredients.
The close collaboration with Appennino Food Truffles and the Hotel School Serramazzoni has contributed with qualified support staff for the food preparation and management of the dining rooms.
The 2016 edition offers an attractive menu and with a noteworthy multiplication of “stars”

Three Michelin Stars for the White Truffle of Savigno
Sunday November 6:  Maria Grazia Soncini, La Capanna di Eraclio, Codigoro, FE
Sunday November 13: Alberto Bettini, Trattoria Da Amerigo 1934, Savigno, BO
Sunday November  20: Aurora Mazzucchelli, Ristorante Marconi, Sasso Marconi, BO
Each Sunday, the chef will  offer special dishes with white truffle that make an important addition to the menu in piazza.

The Wines from the Bologna Hill Region “Consorzio Collii Bolognesi”
The local wine production will be well represented with 22 wines selected to highlight the wine producers in the consortiumin in collaboration with Fisar – (the Italian Federation of  sommeliers, restaurants and hotels) who propose wine pairings with the dishes offered by the starred chefs, the ProLoco restaurant and all of the three chef assocaitions that will be taking turns in the kitchens and the Truffle corner of the “Antico Voltone del Tartufo”.

Street Food
The street food is supervised by the Association of Savigna and Valsamoggia who will manage all of the spaces according to the offers and in coordination with the overall concept of the Festival 2016.

The participation of the Barbeque Academy is confirmed with a rich offering of sandwiches – with and without truffles, with or without meat and also a rich vegetarian selection.

Cultural Activities
Fisar Bologna has organized three events with authors presenting books relating to the gastronomic and enological roots of the region.  The presentations will be held at 12:00 each Saturday in the Teatro Comunale di Savigno.

FISAR Bologna organizes three meetings with authors presenting books realted to the theme of wines of the region.  The meetings will be held at 12:00 each Saturday in the Teatro Comunale di Savigno.

Workshops and activities from the past additions will participate in this 2016 edition -  starting from the Mushroom Exhibit under the direciton of Dr. Nicola Sitta, Prof. of Natural Science and Mushroom science, also taking part in the popular mushroom workshops that have been a major success with visitors.

During the Truffle Festival, all of the streets in the center of Savigno will be filled with stands from the local shops and artisans presenting typical local products and gastronomic delicacies.  All of the Savigno restaurants will be offering a truffle menu to the thousands of visitors.  Surrounding the heart of the Festival in the main square, with the Truffle market and the ProLoco restaurant, all of the ancient village streets will be filled with the traditional market of antiques, art, and  vintage that presents itself once a month in Savigno.

Opening Hours
The gastronomic stands and all of the commercial activities will be open from from 10am on the Saturdays and Sundays during the festival.

The Truffle Project and the Territory
In the 2016 edition activites  related to the Savigno white truffle will be highlighted and expanded during the festival:
Cultivation and  truffle hunting,: Exhibit -  the Lagotto dog breed and excursions organized on touristic trails in the “le vigne” area. in collaboration with the Truffle Associations of Valsamoggia and  “Il Tartufo” Bologna,
As in past years, an area will be dedicated to a truffle exhibit with posters, films and expert presentations dedicated to the truffle, the truffle hunters, and their dogs will be organized.

The Associations
It is important to acknowledge the dedication and passion for the territory and the town of Savigno contributed by  the many volunteers of Savigno – in addition to the highly valued contribution from the Protezione Civile Valsamoggia.

Tartófla Savigno - Festival Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco is organized in collaboration with ProLoco Savigno, Appennino Food. Sponsored by the Comune di Valsamoggia-Savigno. Director Bruno Damini.

Further information and updates www.tartufosavigno.com - www.facebook.com/tartufosavigno

  • From: 5/11/2016
  • To: 20/11/2016

Tartófla Savigno - Festival Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco