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Peter Pan - Il musical

Season 2016/2017

Date: 23/10/2016

Teatro Dehon

Via Libia, 59 - 40138 Bologna (BO)

Phone 051 342934

Reference maps: L-11

Date of last update: 21/10/2016, 12:50

Peter Pan - The Musical, with dances and animations, wants to give a cultural reason to what the children normally do: playing. In order to do this, in the show everybody plays, both adults and kids.
Captain Hook wants to defeat his enemy Peter Pan and with him the imagination, but he will have to deal with the lost boys, who live in the Neverland and especially with the dreaded crocodile.

Teatro Dehon, 23 October 2016

Compagnia Fantateatro
Children from 3 years
Direction: Sandra Bertuzzi
Set design: Federico Zuntini
With: Monalisa Verhoven, Tommaso Fortunato, Giacomo Cordini, Valeria Nasci, Chiara Piazzi, Umberto Fiorelli, Marco Mandrioli

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  • Date: 23/10/2016