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Oggetti su piano. Scuola di pittura bolognese

From: 18/01/2015 - To: 1/03/2015

Fondazione Del Monte - Via delle Donzelle, 2 - Bologna

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Oggetti su piano. Scuola di pittura bolognese

18 January - 1 March 2015

Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna


Fourteen artists focused on still life painting, their work trace a history and define what we can call the Bolognese school. It’s not only a collection of pictures but a deep study of painting and its possible changings over the time. This is the spirit of the exhibition Oggetti su piano. Scuola di pittura bolognese  (Objects on plane surface. Bolognese painting school) that takes place in the exhibition area in Via delle Donzelle, in a space set up by the artist Flavio Favelli.
The exhibition is supported and promoted by the Fondazione del Monte and curated by Antonio Grulli

Riccardo Baruzzi, Pierpaolo Campanini, Paul Chiasera, Leonardo Cremonini, Pirro Cuniberti, Cuoghi Corsello, Flavio Favelli, Piero Manai, Giorgio Morandi, Alessandro Pessoli, Concept Pozzati, Sergio Romiti, Vincent Simone, Sissi are the artists protagonists of the exhibition.
All of them are tied-up with Bologna: some were born and have lived here, some were educated in our Academy, and some others have chosen the Bologna area for their study. They all have carried out a particular consideration of the object in its various meanings through the language of painting.
The leading theme of Oggetti su piano is still life painting and the deeply symbolic connotation of the depicted objects.

Oggetti su piano, together with the exhibition Carlo Zauli. Le Zolle at the Medieval Museum of Bologna from 18 January and the performance of the project ON with Alexandra Pirici and Manuel Pelmuº at the San Filippo Neri Oratory on January 23-24-25, show the strong commitment of the Fondazione del Monte on the occasion of Artefiera and ART CITY Bologna.

  • From: 18/01/2015
  • To: 1/03/2015

Monday - Sunday: 10am - 7pm

Opening time during ART CITY Bologna
Friday 23 January: 10am– 10pm
Saturday 24 January: 10am – midnight
Sunday 25 January: 10am - 8pm