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Season 2015/2016

From: 4/02/2016 - To: 7/02/2016

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Sala Salmon

4  > 7 February 2016



text Federica Iacobelli and Marinella Manicardi

direction Marinella Manicardi

with Fiorenzo Fiorito, Marinella Manicardi, Anna Redi
original music  Daniele Furlati
choreography Anna Redi
production Catarsi passeggere in cooperation with

Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione

 first performance ever


Where does a gesture originate from? From which muscle, which impulse, which desire? Anna Morandi Manzolini seeks answers in her anatomical wax models, admired by Madame du Châtelet, freethinking philosopher, visiting Bologna from Paris. Meanwhile, Cerùsico, hairdresser and tooth drawer, is trying to dissect bodies. But only in the winter, because the summer is too hot in Bologna.

On the occasion of the performance the production Catarsi passeggere organizes conferences meetings workshops walks on the figure and works of Anna Morandi Manzolini wax modeller between art and science, curated by Federica Iacobelli and Marinella Manicardi.
Started in November, the programme of initiatives still includes a conference on Friday 12 February at the Fondazione del Monte; on 13 and 14 February guided tours to the scientific collections of the Museum of Palazzo Poggi; workshops at Liceo Minghetti; on 13 February Sui luoghi di Anna, a walk through the heart of the city of Bologna, in cooperation with Trekking Italia, visiting the places where Anna Morandi Manzolini was born, she lived, worked and where she was buried (for members only - phone 051 222788); on 14 February morning and afternoon at MAMbo with Cuore e cervello, a training day between theater and visual arts.


Info: Catarsi Passeggere cultural association, phone 347 7907822  
email: marinellamanicardi@fastwebnet.it


More information and updates on www.arenadelsole.it

  • From: 4/02/2016
  • To: 7/02/2016

Thursday and Friday at 8,30pm
Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 4,30pm