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Nao Challenge Italia

From: 23/05/2015 - To: 24/05/2015

Scuola delle Idee - Voltone del Podestà, 1/N - Bologna

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Nao Challenge Italy: 340 kids from 45 schools from the whole of Italy getting to the final in Bologna on the 23rd and 24th of May at Scuola delle Idee of the Golinelli Foundation challenge between programmers with a thrust of robot


73 teams from all over the peninsula to challenge each other at Nao Challenge Italy whose final is host by the Golinelli Foundation of Bologna on the 23rd and 24th of May at Scuola delle Idee (voltone del Podestà 1/N)

What is Nao Challenge?
Nao Challenge is a robotics contest which involves five european countries (Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom), organized by the French society Aldebaran Robotics. Created for High Schools, the aim of the contest is the programmation of Nao, the humanoid, autonomous and programable robot which has all the qualifications to become a mate and a collaborator at home and at work. Nao Challenge Italy is organized from the Robotics School of Genoa (Nao Challenge Ambassador) and the Golinelli Foundation of Bologna.

What is Nao Robot?
Nao is an humanoid robot designed and product by Aldebaran. It is used in places where it is important to encourage the interaction between humans and autonomous machines. Nao is employed in the robotics research, in the education of children, in the care of elderly people and in the education of the special needs. It is an excellent instrument to promote and reinforce the learning of scientifics subjects.

The contest
The students will be able to programm virtually Nao by way of the software Webots in order to test it on the humanoid robot during the final event. Nao Challenge Italy contemplates a simulation inside a household place. The robot is an integrant part of the house and it helps its residents to live in a better way.
The scenery where the contestants will make Nao live is the sitting room of an house, on a Saturday without parents: the adults are outside, while the children are playing in the lounge. The students will have to take a stab at a challenge made of four test:
A child is playing with Nao in the sitting room...
While Nao is in the sitting room, a child arrives to watch the television. Nao recognize the child between the five members of the family and, eventually, it proposes him different movies to choose. After the child will have chosen, Nao will reproduce the movie on the remote computer.
The team have to design and develop a system thanks to which Nao can check the lighting of the room.
Two Naos want to catch some sweets and balls from the shelves of a bracket...
5. ME & YOU
The Nao Challenge @Home is a creative and amusing challenge centered on creativeness, team spirit, animation and cooperation with community.

  • From: 23/05/2015
  • To: 24/05/2015