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My house is a Le Corbusier

From: 14/01/2015 - To: 25/01/2015

Padiglione Esprit Nouveau - Piazza Costituzione, 11 - Bologna

Phone +39 349 4634730

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My house is a Le Corbusier

a project by Cristian Chironi
14  >  25 January 2015

Padiglione Esprit Nouveau
Piazza Costituzione 11


MAMbo – Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna and Xing, in the frame of Art City Bologna 2015 in occasion of Arte Fiera, present My house is a Le Corbusier (Esprit Nouveau Bologna) by Cristian Chironi.

On January 7, 2015, starts in Bologna My house is a Le Corbusier, the new project of Cristian Chironi focused on the houses designed by the famous architect, where Chironi will spend a period of residence. Both a work in progress and a building yard for ideas, My house is a Le Corbusier is a long-term project that will be developed on the arc of 30 potential habitable works of Le Corbusier in 12 countries: it is a performance dilated over time, taking place in house after house. This pilgrimage is inextricably linked to the movement and the crossroads of different cultures and geography.
Chironi’s project at Esprit Nouveau in Bologna will last three weeks, and will be marked by a first week of solitary work; a subsequent week where visitors can interact directly with the artist and will be hosted in the home/studio; the third week will be open to the public in the form of exhibition, during Art City Bologna and Arte Fiera.



  • From: 14/01/2015
  • To: 25/01/2015

7>25 January 2015 – residence period

14>22 January 2015 - individual visits by appointment
tel +39 349.4634730 or send an emal to cristianchironi@gmail.com

23>25 January 2015 - open to the pubblic
friday 23: 12am – 8pm
saturday 24: 12am – 10pm
sunday 25: 12am – 8pm