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Mercato Sonato

From: 1/11/2016 - To: 30/11/2016

Via Giuseppe Tartini, 3 - 40127 Bologna

Date of last update: 28/10/2016, 15:34

The urban and cultural regeneration project named Senzaspine sprouts up.
The program consists of scheduled classical music, open rehearsals, Aperisymphony, tango, swing, concerts, visual arts, theater, courses, workshops for children, photography, video and contamination.

The first season of "Mercato Sonato di Bologna" is going to start in  the former local market of San Donato district, given in 2015 by the Municipality to Associazione Senzaspine, winner of the Incredibol! 2014 notice by Palazzo D'Accursio and by Culturability 2015 of Fondazione Unipolis. The Orchestra Senzaspine consists of over 200 musicians under 35 years of age and is leaded by Tommaso Ussardi and Matteo Parmeggiani who founded it in 2013.

One year ago this valiant and not simple project of urban and cultural regeneration began as unique at national level. The "Mercato Sonato" is the first public area in Italy entirely self-managed by a youth orchestra.
Now the "Mercato Sonato" is growing as a multifunctional center and meeting place to share the culture in all its forms.
The project - which aims to give new urban centrality to classical music, youth, creative expression and experimentations - starts with a rich programme of initiative.

The Senzaspine Orchestra is the protagonist which periodically will perform open rehearsals with free admission, as well as in the evenings of Aperisymphony (November 6th), for those who want to enjoy a "symphony drink" out of the ordinary.
There will be the performances of Novensemble Senzaspine and the ad hoc collaborations for special events such as the concert for earthquake victims in central Italy (November 25th).

If classical music remains the fulcrum of the season, the entire program is in the name of the contamination:

the Sguardi oltreilTango association every Thursday organizes tango classes and milongas, the Swing Dance Society proposes training project and dancing nights dedicated to swing (every Tuesday). For fans of the genre, unmissable the "Mercato Swingato" the event that one Saturday per month (at 9pm) will immerse the evening in the American atmosphere of another era. For kids, the vocal coach Daniela Preziuso organizes classes for the Children's Chorus Senzaspine (every Monday from 5,30pm to 6,30pm for children from 5 up 15 years), and there are also the girls of the group Linea88 and the artist Eldi Veizaj for the recreational and educational workshops of music and art. Aelion Project, studio of visual design and multisensory communication will be always present and proposing live performance of video mapping, permanent installations of light design and workshops: first appointment on November 19th, with Wires#01. The event opens a cycle dedicated to audiovisual art, whose main theme will be the visual representation of the sound pulses and the interaction among performances of different artistic languages.

FOR OTHER EVENTS AND INITIATIVES .......read the programme (in Italian)


more information and updates on www.mercatosonato.com

  • From: 1/11/2016
  • To: 30/11/2016

Mercato Sonato