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Magazzino 18

From: 19/03/2015 - To: 22/03/2015

Arena del Sole

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19-22 March 2015
Arena del sole - Sala Leo de Berardinis

a show by and with Simone Cristicchi
written with Jan Bernas
direction Antonio Calenda

A performance in collaboration with Teatro Comunale di Bologna


At Porto Vecchio in Trieste, there is a "memory place" which tells of a sad page of the Italian history. A "memory" depending on small things, humble objects bearing witness of daily life: wardrobes, mattresses, photos, simple toys, beds, chairs with signs like "Servizio Esodo" (migration service). It's not easy to think about the sorrow of whole families while packaging their few belongings in order to leave their houses, cities, their own roots.
Impressed by this sad page of Italy history, the singer and songwriter Simone Cristicchi has decided to propose this show where the text is combined with life songs, whose title "Magazzino 18" is taken from the place at Porto Vecchio in Trieste, where the exiled people left their properties awaiting to be able to have them back again in the future.

Further information and updates on www.arenadelsole.it

  • From: 19/03/2015
  • To: 22/03/2015

Thursday and Friday 9pm
Saturday 7.30pm
Sunday 4pm