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Luigi Ontani incontra Giorgio Morandi. CasaMondo

Nature extramorte antropomorfane

From: 26/06/2015 - To: 26/09/2015

Casa-Studio di Giorgio Morandi, Loc. Campiaro - 40030 Grizzana Morandi

Phone +39 051 6730311 - +39 320 9455295

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Casa Studio Giorgio Morandi - Fienili del Campiaro
Grizzana Morandi
26 June - 26 September 2015

An unusual destination to discover both a new area and the contemporary art.  Grizzana is a town located in the Reno river Valley, on the Apennines of Bologna region, just 50 km from Bologna.

Casa-Studio di Giorgio MorandiThere, the Giorgio Morandi’s House Studio and the near Fienili del Campiaro - the barns often portrayed by Morandi in his paintings, host the exhibition "Luigi Ontani incontra Giorgio Morandi. CasaMondo -  Nature extramorte antropomorfane" (Luigi Ontani encounters Giorgio Morandi. CasaMondo - Anthropomorphic extra-still lives) from June 26th to September 26th, 2015.
The exhibition is promoted by the Municipality of Grizzana Morandi and the Union of Municipalities of the Bologna Apennines, sponsored by Region Emilia Romagna, Accademia di Belle Arti Bologna, and Distretti Culturali – Città Metropolitana di Bologna. Art Director is Eleonora Frattarolo.
Luigi Ontani (ph. Luciano Leonotti)Luigi Ontani invades the space of Morandi’s house-studio with his magic ceramics called nature extramorte antropomorfane (anthropomorphic extra-still lives). Paradoxically, Morandi's still lives become three-dimensional once again under the constant materialization of Ontani's totemic face, in a process that propels them through space and time with different meanings, and highlights the religious preservation of the osmosis between dream and reality sublimely achieved by Morandi's work. 

Specifically created for the rooms in Morandi' house, the ceramics nature extramorte antropomorfane (a name that evokes Carroll, Joyce, Savinio, Palazzeschi,…) become part of the fabric of things, colours, light, in the sentimental path through the rooms, and the life, of Giorgio, Anna, Dina, Maria Teresa Morandi.
Along with Morandi's house, the near Fienili del Campiaro (Campiero barns)  form a unique interesting exhibition complex. In the two barns, more works by and about Ontani will be also displayed ‒ some mythical busts and other ceramics created for this occasion in the main barn, and the video Massimiliano Galliani shot in Romamor about Ontani in the other barn. Built at the same time as the Rocchetta by count Mattei to accommodate the famous patients he treated with electro-homeopathy, a therapy still commonly used in Indian medicine, Romamor is the little villa where the Artist lives for part of the year with his sister Tullia.



Further information and updates on www.comune.grizzanamorandi.bo.it and  www.culturaliart.com


  • From: 26/06/2015
  • To: 26/09/2015

Thursday + Friday 3pm-7pm; Saturday + Sunday 10am-1pm and 3pm-7pm

Opening on Friday, June 26 at 7pm