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Le Salsamentarie

From: 24/09/2016 - To: 25/09/2016

Palazzo Re Enzo

Piazza del Nettuno, 1/c - 40125 Bologna (BO)

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A special wine and food event to celebrate the 140th anniversary of Società Mutua Salsamentari 1876, the most ancient and still existing association related to the “salumeria” and dairy art. This event is Le Salsamentarie,  in Bologna on September 24th and 25th.

Le Salsamentarie - SalumiIn the courtyard of Palazzo Re Enzo, over 20 counters will be proposing finger food degustations made with food excellences and prepared at the moment by true delicatessen and cheese makers, cooks, and “rezdore” (local word indicating the woman who cooks in the house), and with the precious assistance of Fomal, an important school operating in the food field.
The exhibition market in Sala degli Atti features the food and drink excellences, as well as the typical artisanal products selected by Salsamentari 1876.

The lounge bar in the beautiful loggia is suitable for relaxing, with tables and DJ-sets. Salore Re Enzo houses the lessons of Scuola di cucina organized by "A Scuola di Gusto": show cooking and initiatives dedicated to the art of “salumeria” and to the most famous Bologna cooking traditions.

Le Salsamentarie is dance and entertainment too. On Saturday, September 24,  Via Rizzoli becomes the stage of Gran ballo ottocentesco (read more - in Italian), a grand ball with dancers dressed in period costumes and music of the 19th century. The event is organized by Società di Danza Bolognese, with the patronage of Società Salsamentari 1876 and the collaboration of Salumificio Villani Spa. Nearby an exhibition about the history of Società Salsamentari is also visible.
On Sunday, September 25,  Filuzzi dance is the protagonist of the event hosted in the Gran Salone del Podestà at Palazzo Re Enzo. A dance show among history, culture, and amusement presented by Italo Calzolari and Fabio Gabusi, and with the funny participation of the actor Giorgio Comaschi.

Further information and updates on www.salsamentarie.it

  • From: 24/09/2016
  • To: 25/09/2016