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La Città dello Zecchino d'Oro

A child-friendly city

Date: 24/09/2016

Parco della Montagnola + Piazza Maggiore

Date of last update: 14/09/2016, 11:25

Bologna is a  “A child-friendly city” with La Città dello Zecchino d’Oro , the event fully dedicated to children (from 9 months to 12 years old), their world and their families.

At its 11th edition this year, La città dello Zecchino d’Oro will be proposing a rich programme of free games, sport activities, labs for kids at Parco della Montagnola, on Saturday, September 24 .

A concert is going to close the event in Piazza Maggiore, starting from 8.30 pm, with the performance of the Galassia of Antoniano di Bologna children's choirs first, and of the Piccolo Coro “Mariele Ventre” dell'Antoniano di Bologna directed by Sabrina Simoni, to follow.

La Città dello Zecchino d'Oro - promoted by Antoniano di Bologna and Comune di Bologna, is part of the programme Festival Francescano 2016 (23-25 September).

Further information and updates www.cittadellozecchino.it

  • Date: 24/09/2016