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Kiss & Cry

2016 Play. Dance season

From: 18/10/2016 - To: 19/10/2016

Arena del Sole

Via Indipendenza 44 - 40121 Bologna (BO)

Phone (+39) 051 529958 (da martedì a venerdì 10.00 - 14.00)

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For the Dance Season 2016 of Teatro Comunale di Bologna, as part of "Progetto Danza" in collaboration with ERT, at Arena del Sole the original creation by the Belgian chorographer Michèle Anne De Mey and by Jaco Van Dormael - author and director of the film The Brand New Testament, who also signed the screenplay together with Thomas Gunzig.
Kiss & Cry is a highly original show, the outcome of exceptional collaborations both in its production and in the artistic encounter between individuals and disciplines: it confronts film, dance, words, theatre and brilliant DIY. It offers a new language, a new way of telling a story that pushes the boundaries between genres and opens up the imagination. Kiss & Cry is an ambitious show carried by a group of people who disturb the boundaries between artistic disciplines to create a show before your very eyes: different and unique every day.
The performance is part of VIE Festival 2016 programme.

18 - 19 October 2016 | Arena del Sole - Sala de Berardinis

original idea Michéle Anne de Mey e Jaco Van Dormael
in a collective creation with Michèle Anne De Mey, Grégory Grosjean, Thomas Gunzig, Julien Lambert, Sylvie Olivé, Nicolas Olivier, Jaco Van Dormael
choreography and NanoDanses Michèle Anne De Mey, Grégory Grosjean
direction Jaco Van Dormael
text Thomas Gunzig
screenplay Thomas Gunzig, Jaco Van Dormael
lights Nicolas Olivier
camera Julien Lambert
camera assistant Aurélie Leporcq
setting Sylvie Olivé assistita da Amalgames – Elisabeth Houtart and Michel Vinck
staging assistant Benoît Joveneau, Caroline Hacq
sound creation Dominique Warnier
sound Boris Cekevda
arrangements and interpretations Bruno Olivier, Gabriella Iacono, Pierrot Garnier
construction and accessories Walter Gonzales, Amalgames – Elisabeth Houtart e Michel Vinck
second setting Anne Masset, Vanina Bogaert, Sophie Ferro
set director Nicolas Olivier
technicians for the creation Gilles Brulard, Pierrot Garnier, Bruno Olivier
music George Frideric Handel, Antonio Vivaldi, Arvo Pärt, Michael Koenig Gottfried, John Cage, Carlos Paredes, Tchaikovsky, Jacques Prévert, Ligeti, Henryk Gorecki, George Gershwin
narrator Angelo Bison
production Charleroi Danses, manège.mons – Centre Dramatique
cooproduction Les Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg with the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Bologna
Michèle Anne De Mey is an associated artist at Charleroi Danses Centre chorégraphique de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Part of VIE Festival 2016

Further information and updates on  www.arenadelsole.it - www.comunalebologna.it

  • From: 18/10/2016
  • To: 19/10/2016

Kiss & Cry