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Jersey Boys - The true story of Frankie Vallie & The Four Seasons

Season 2016/2017

From: 17/12/2016 - To: 18/12/2016

Teatro Europauditorium

Piazza Costituzione, 4 - 40128 Bologna (BO)

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The multi-awarded musical Jersey Boys tells the true story of the Italian-American Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. In their early twenties, they wrote the songs also interpreted by celebrities of music including The Temptation, Diana Ross & the Supreme, Muse, the Killers, Mina and Gloria Gaynor, creating a unique sound and selling over 175 million of records around the world.

Teatro Europauditorium, 17-18 December 2016

The true story of Frankie Vallie & The Four Seasons

texts Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice
with Alex Mastromarino, Flavio Gismondi, Marco Stabile, Claudio Zanelli, Felice Casciano, Alice Mistroni, Brian Boccuni, Giulio Pangi, Giada D'Auria, Gloria Miele and Massimo Francese
and with the live orchestra keyboard1 Claudia Campolongo - keyboard2 Stefano Damiano - guitar1 Luca Bettolini - guitar2 Paolo Ballardini - bass Daniele Catalucci - drum Marco Campagna - sax1 Alessio Zanovello - sax2 Giuseppe Lapiscopia - trumpet Marcello Ronchi
music Bob Gaudio - lyrics Bob Crewe
music supervision Emanuele Friello
music direction/keyboard3 Angelo Racz
choreography Valeriano Longoni
scenes Roberto and Andrea Comotti
costumes Graziella Pera
light design Gianluca Brunelli
soung design Armando Vertullo
projections Francesca Del Cupolo and Erika Dolci
supervision to projections Francesca Biral
executive production Federico Banchero
direction Claudio Insegno

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  • From: 17/12/2016
  • To: 18/12/2016