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Info Point and events at Certosa

From: 28/05/2016 - To: 28/09/2016

Certosa di Bologna - Monumental cemetery

Via della Certosa, 18 - 40133 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 6150811

Fax +39 051 6150829

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Date of last update: 30/06/2016, 11:47

From June 4, the new Info Point at the Certosa Monumental Cemetery will be open to the public, one of the first welcoming areas for visitors inside a cemetery in Italy.

The Info Point will be open on Tuesday from 10am to 1pm, on Thursday and Saturday from 2pm to 5pm, on Sunday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm.

At the desk 24 volunteers of "Associazione Amici della Certosa"  and the staff of the Museo civico del Risorgimento will take turns in order to give information of historical and artistic character about the Certosa and of orientation in the complex urban development of the cemetery - a real town within a town -.
Citizens and tourists will stop there not only to ask questions, but also to consult quietly numerous publications dedicated to the Certosa published by the Museo civico del Risorgimento as well as to relax and sip a drink in the adjacent equipped room.

The opening of the Info Point is one of the leading events in the Summer Appointments at the Certosa, now in its eighth edition and curated by Istituzione Bologna Musei | Museo civico del Risorgimento within bè bolognaestate 2016, the program of activities promoted and coordinated by Comune di Bologna.

From 28 May to 28 September over twenty appointments, including concerts, touring shows, plays and musical performances, in addition to twenty thematic guided tours, for a total of about 50 events. A curious and interesting way to spend the warm summer evenings contributing to the enhancement of one of the most important historical and artistic complexes of the city. For each admission fee two euros will be donated to Certosa.

The Info Point, organized with the support of Bologna Servizi Cimiteriali, is the first result of the collaboration agreement recently signed between the Comune di Bologna, Istituzione Bologna Musei and Associazione Amici della Certosa, with the aim to cooperate in the implementation of measures of maintenance, preservation and enhancement of historical and artistic heritage of the Certosa, and more generally of the nineteenth and twentieth-century periods in Bologna.

  • From: 28/05/2016
  • To: 28/09/2016