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Incubi alla Bolognese. Leggende urbane di Bonvi

From: 15/12/2015 - To: 31/01/2016


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Piazza Coperta di Biblioteca Salaborsa
15 December 2015 > 31 Janaury 2016


Some of the most interesting works coming from the archives of Franco Bonvicini, the unforgettable cartoonist of international fame known with the stage-name of Bonvi and author besides of the famous Sturmtruppen, are exclusively exposed for the first time.
The exhibition "Incubi alla Bolognese. Leggende urbane di Bonvi" is open until 31 January 2016 at Piazza Coperta of Biblioteca Salaborsa.

In particular there are the tables of the series Incubi di provincia (Nightmares of the province) paradoxical stories all with a surreal vein and published since 1968 onwards - and the following Leggende urbane (Urban Legends), one of the last stories made by the author.

The protagonist of  this graphic novel is almost always Bonvi himself, or rather his comics representation, which shows him as a blond and handsome young man, struggling with improbable adventures set in a nocturnal city, where it is not hard to recognize "his" Bologna , with the arcades and the nights sung by his friend Francesco Guccini.

Incubi alla Bolognese. Leggende urbane di Bonvi is a project of Sofia Bonvicini on behalf of the heirs Bonvicini in cooperation with the expert Claudio Varetto,  organized with the support of Comune di Bologna and the organization of  Hamelin Associazione culturale, on the occasion of the twenty years after the death of Franco bonvicini (1941-1995).

The exhibition is one of the special projects of the Comune di Bologna dedicated to the protagonists of contemporary culture that are related to the city. Bonvi indeed, was born in Modena, but he found in Bologna the city of artistic maturity and he reproduced it with his grotesque and original style in most part of his tables.



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  • From: 15/12/2015
  • To: 31/01/2016

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