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In Between

From: 23/11/2015 - To: 29/11/2015

Galleria Cavour - Via Farini - Via Massei - Via De' Foscherari - 40124 Bologna

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  Galleria Cavour 
23rd - 29th November 2015 


In Between, is a twenty years long journey, a sort of exploration of a vast of undefined land where children, women and man live their lives with no rights or certainties. Human beings shifting between a conflict and a quiet place, between a natural disaster and a safe harbor, between dream and despair.


Their eyes have the power to take us far away, the intensity of their look are telling us so many heart breaking stories that sometimes can be also wonderful. Their mission is a gift for all of us, their legacy need to be preserved.


The artist Riccardo Romani has been a reporter chasing stories to tell. He lived in Milano, New York, Roma, and London. His reportages have been published all over the world. He’s been Foreign Correspondent for news channel SkyTG24 from Usa, Afghanistan and United Kingdom.       

For Sky he wrote and directed the tv series “The election game” (2008). He also made the documentary “Coca Nostra”, an one-hour feature focused on cocaine trail from South America to the streets of Italy (2011).

With Oscar winner Director Alfonso Cuaron as Executive Producer, he founded in 2014 RobustoFilms for which he is also Creative Director. He collaborated already with Cuaron to the documentary “The possibility of Hope” (Universal Pictures, 2007).

With Dario Torromeo, he published “Monzon”, the biography of the doomed world champion. His first novel – “Le cose brutte non esistono” (“Bad things do not exist”) – has been rewarded with the Albatross Prize for Literature and Travels and has been Finalist at the “2014 John Fante Festival and Award” for debuting writers.


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  • From: 23/11/2015
  • To: 29/11/2015

In Between