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Il Quartetto in Sala Mozart

Serate musicali 2017

From: 20/04/2017 - To: 29/05/2017

Regia Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna, Via Guerrazzi 13 - Bologna

Phone +39 051 222997 (segreteria)

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Xth edition of "Il Quartetto in Sala Mozart",the only programme totaly dedicated to string quartet. In the beautiful Sala Mozart Il Quartetto in Sala Mozart. Serate musicali 2017 will present three world-famous string Quartets: Quartetto Gringolts, Quartetto Arcadia and Quartetto Schumann.

Thursday 20 April
Ilya Gringolts,Anahit Kurtikyan, violins
Silvia Simionescu, viola
Claudius Herrmann, cello
R. Schumann
Quartet in F major. op. 41 n. 2
H. Dutilleux Ainsi la nuit
L. van Beethoven
Quartet in E minor. op. 59 n. 2

Wednesday 10 May
Ana Török, Răsvan Dumitru, violins
Traian Boală, viola
Zsolt Török, cello
W. A. Mozart
Quartet n. 1 in G major K 80
F. J. Haydn
Quartet in G major op. 33 n. 5
B. Bartók
Quartet n. 4 in C major. Sz. 91

Monday 29 May
Erik Schumann, Ken Schumann, violins
Liisa Randalu, viola
Mark Schumann, cello
W. A. Mozart
Quartet n. 23 in F major K 590
S. Barber
Quartet n. 1 in B minor. op. 11
A. Reimann
Adagio – Zum Gedenken an Robert Schumann
L. van Beethoven
Quartet in F major op. 59 n. 1 Razumowsky

  • From: 20/04/2017
  • To: 29/05/2017

Concerts are all in Sala Mozart at Accademia Filarmonica.

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