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Gran Festival Internazionale della Zuppa 2016

11th edition

Date: 1/05/2016

Via Salgari - Bologna

Phone +39 051 6390743 - 388 6469261

Date of last update: 30/03/2016, 11:57

International Soup Festival

1 May 2016
Pilastro area - Bologna


Registrations are open for the most "popular" gastronomic competition in Bologna

The gastronomic and recreational competition Gran Festival Internazionale della Zuppa is a popular, intercultural and international event.
At its 11th edition, this year it will take place on May 1st from 3pm, in Via Salgari and in the park of the municipal gardens in the Pilastro area - Quartiere San Donato.
The International Soup Festival is a street feast dedicated to the sharing and the contamination of recipes and cultures, of flavours and tastes, in the spirit of the “scarpetta” right.

Following the tradition, after the initial registration of the soups at the zuppen-desk, the festival arrives at its key moment. On one side, there is the creativity of the participants with their pots, ladles and steaming soups; on the other side, the crowd of tasters, with the spoons in their hands and the bowls hanging from their necks, ready to taste all the soups.
The advice for this edition: take some bread with you in order to gain the “scar-petta” right and be able to mop up your plate with it.

The programme also includes a theatrical-circus performance of a group of young people from 14 to 16 years old, who have participated in the European project launched by Associazione Oltre... and Cooperativa Csapsa 2, with the support of the French-German office OFAJ.

As for the previous editions, the events of “Zuppa off”  will anticipate the Festival, starting from April 3rd.

Here the appointments scheduled in April  for "Zuppa off
" (awaiting the Gran Festival Internazionale della Zuppa on Sunday, May 1st 2016):
1) Sunday, April 3 - Self-financing lunch @ Centro Interculturale Zonarelli (via Sacco 14)
2) Sunday, April 10 - “La zuppa è servita!” | show-cooking for kids @ Circolo La Fattoria (via Pirandello 6)
3) Sunday, April 17 - “Mi coche es tu coche” | itinerant meal @ Parking area of Pilastro shopping centre (via Pirandello)
4) end April (date to be fixed) – painting lab + needlework lab @ Pilastro

To participate in the soup competition a previous registration is required:

Further information and updates on www.associazioneoltre.org

  • Date: 1/05/2016