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Giorgio Morandi, incisioni dalla collezione Luciana Tabarroni

From: 29/01/2016 - To: 25/04/2016

Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna (National Gallery)

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Giorgio Morandi, incisioni dalla collezione Luciana Tabarroni
29 January - 25 April 2016
Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna


Giorgio Morandi is present with 19 etchings in the collection of Luciana Tabarroni. Starting from the first etching purchased in 1952, the Natura morta of 1933, the interest in the artist increased over the years, focusing mainly in the purchases of the years 1959-1968.
So different types of prints, representing his stylistic evolution and his favorite themes, became part of the collection:  the views of the hidden corners of Bologna or of the hills near Grizzana Morandi, the still life of simple and modest objects, the small bunches of flowers variously composed.

The exhibition is in addition to the exhibit at Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande "Percorsi di segni. Grafica italiana del Novecento nella collezione Luciana Tabarroni"

Both exhibitions are curated by Elena Rossoni and Fabia Farneti


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  • From: 29/01/2016
  • To: 25/04/2016

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