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Fiorello - L’Ora del Rosario

From: 9/04/2016 - To: 11/04/2016

Teatro Europauditorium

Piazza Costituzione, 4 - 40128 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 372540 - 051 6375199

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Season 2015/2016
9-11 April 2016


R.O.S.A. Production



by Rosario Fiorello


written with  Francesco Bozzi, Claudio Fois, Piero Guerrera,
Pierluigi Montebelli and  Federico Taddia

direction Giampiero Solari


The new show of the famous Italian showman Rosario Fiorello is back at Europauditorium after the sold out in December: stories, music, gags, important duets, and as usual a lot of improvisations.

With him on the stage, the band conducted by Enrico Cremonesi and the Trio of vocalists “I Gemelli di Guidonia”.

 Further information and updates on www.teatroeuropa.it

  • From: 9/04/2016
  • To: 11/04/2016

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