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F/I - (Altri) Lavoratori | Photos by Pierre Gonnord

From: 3/10/2015 - To: 1/11/2015

Santa Maria della Vita - Via Clavature, 8 - Bologna

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Pierre Gonnord
Madrid, Spagna



Genus Bononiae, Santa Maria della Vita
3 October - 1 November 2015


"I go forward in search of chance meetings and other life experiences. The portrait is born from a fragile and silent intimacy that struggles against the sinking into oblivion. It is the “cannibalisation” of the other, of his difference and of our common humanity. The fusion, the appropriation, the transfiguration of beauty, grace, and dignity, that makes us resemble one another a little more. A little more eternal as well. Lend me your face, let me gaze at you, admire you, possess you, take hold of your soul so we can all live within it, just as the American Indians believed they had surrendered the essence of their beings, stolen forever by the lens of Edward Curtis.
What began a few years ago, hesitantly and by accident, has now become a complete way of life. From my studio in Madrid, I moved further out, past the houses on the outskirts of the city and now I have become a travelling studio on the roadside and along country by-roads.
I choose subjects who are alone and anonymous, but who belong to a clearly defined social clan, with roots set deep in ancestral culture. Individuals who are sure of their identity at a time when ours is becoming indistinct. People from tribes far away from the epicentre and material wellbeing, from the noise and uniformity of our urban society. Faces that glow with a different light and exceptional energy. I want to break the silence that surrounds them while preserving the sense of mystery at the same time. Exploring these margins (or rather the “somewhere else”), is my way of recognizing the importance of the silence that is constructed socially, but above all, of paying homage to these “other ourselves” testament to an existence that is as exclusive to them as it is unique. They are filled with extraordinary life-force"



The exhibit by Pierre Gonnord is part of the theme section PRODUCERS of FOTO/INDUSTRIA 2015, the second Biennial promoted and organized by the MAST Foundation with the artistic direction of François Hébel. Fourteen exhibitions with free admission, dedicated to industrial photography, enterprise and work, and housed in prestigious locations of Bologna historical centre and at MAST. The exhibits are curated by Urs Stahel.


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  • From: 3/10/2015
  • To: 1/11/2015

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