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Le età della vita

From: 19/05/2016 - To: 22/05/2016

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More than 60 events in 4 days, 15 halls, rooms, theatres and historical buildings of Bologna for almost 100 protagonists, 4 Nobel Prizes for Chemistry, Physiology and Medicine, a Guest Country - China, workshops for schools, museums open, open days in the major hospitals, Tai-chi lessons, doctor and ward visits simulations, performances and collaborations with the Academy of Fine Arts, the life–acted– of an oocyte, the philological and medical pathological reconstruction of Beethoven’s deafness, a special night together with Carlo Verdone, some of the best medical science representatives of our Country.
Festival della Scienza Medica. Le età della vitaThe Festival of Medical Science comes back in Bologna for its second edition dedicated to the theme The Stages of Life, from May 19th to 22nd at Palazzo Re Enzo and in other locations.
The festival will feature many discussions, as well as lectures and meetings. A great attention will be given to preventive medicine, to screenings and implications of genomic medicine, and to the key role that a proper nutrition and lifestyle can have to ensure a person’s well-being.

Opening on Thursday, May 19th with Eric Kandel – 2000 Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology – who will inaugurate the Festival in the Salone del Podestà of Palazzo Re Enzo with a fascinating masterly reading among “brain, mind and art”. Other Nobel Prize winners participating in the Festival are Aaron Ciechanover - who will intervene in a conference on “personalized medicine”, Bruce Beutler - who will talk about “genetics and immunity” (Friday 20th May), and Tim Hunt will illustrate different kinds of cell growth, between normality and pathology (Saturday 21st May).
The “visits in wards”, that had a lot of success in the first edition, come back with the speakers-doctors that will accompany the public between the beds of an improvised ward, telling mock patients (but with real medical records) how the medical-surgical practice of pediatry, urology and cardiology have changed over time. Again, using a theatrical preformance, there will be a simulation of a visit in a doctor’s office, realized thanks to a collaboration between the Board of Doctors of Bologna and the Clinical Psychology equipe of the San Paolo Hospital of Milan.
The excellences of the Emilian and Bolognese clinics: with the Open days at Maggiore and Bellaria, at Rizzoli, S. Orsola and in the AIOP Structures, the concerts of the Hospice Seràgnoli, the rehabilitation techniques of Monte Catone and the extraordinary achievements of maxillo-facial surgery.  
A new feature of the second edition: the Guest of Honour Country, starting with China that will be represented by some researchers and scientists. They will tell the history of the discovery of the artemisinin, with Prof. Zhu Xiaoxin, main collaborator of the newly graduated and Nobel Prize winner Tu Youyou, whereas the Gastroenterologist Prof. Wei Wei will talk about nutrition in the adult phase of life
Museums open in Palazzo Poggi and at the Anatomical Wax Model Museum ‘L. Cattaneo’; the Academy of Fine Arts will inaugurate the exhibition "Le Regole del Corpo. Norma e arbitrio" (Friday 20th May).
On Saturday 21st, at 9 pm there will be an exceptional event at Teatro Duse with Carlo Verdone about “Dr. Raniero’s phenomenology”, the obsessive Doctor protagonist of many unforgettable movies; reflections and anecdotes will follow –also personal– of a great protagonist of Italian cinema.
The end of the 2016 edition will be with Senator and Professor Elena Cattaneo about “the future of the Italian Biomedical research”, on Sunday 22nd at 12,30 pm.
“Festival della Scienza Medica – L’età della vita” is promoted by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna together with Genus Bononiae. Museums in the City, and in collaboration with the University of Bologna.


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  • From: 19/05/2016
  • To: 22/05/2016

all the events of the Festival della Scienza Medica are free entrance, subject to availability, unless otherwise specified.